NJ Emmanuel Real estate is one of the best real estate company with many years of experience and with all the expertise. We help the clients in Buying, selling also called flipping houses, Home appraisals, credit repair tips, closing assistance, pre-approval and more.

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We utilize the efficiency of our operations to ensure that your property portfolio remains updated and meticulously organized. Our property management services



We act on your behalf to intercede on matters regarding property acquisition or sale, using our expertise to ensure that you obtain maximum value for your preferred property 



We work closely with our clients to create custom sustainable tenant advisory solutions which aim at minimizing conflict and enhancing living conditions.



We help you connect your property with credible leasing partners who would offer you a favorable condition and professional agreement solutions.


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If you have decided to buy a new house, you have come to the right place. NJ Emmanuel Sales Real Estate has years of experience to help you get your dream home. No house is easy to buy and takes time, even that small cute bungalow round the street with a beautiful garden is not worth jumping into before you are ready.

Save for a down payment

It looks tempting to skip the thought of finances and jump straight into the looking for a house. It seems fun in the start but can lead to a huge financial problem in the near future. You will be spending a lot of seasons in your home, sharing thousands of meals in that kitchen and making endless memories. But do you want financial burden to overshadow all those beautiful memories? We are sure your answer is a no. Then think smartly and look for the finances before jumping into the looking of a home and ask yourself a question that do I have enough money to buy a home?

Find a good real estate agent

Your search for the house may start online but it should not end there. The reason is that you can do all the research online but when it comes to finding or securing your perfect home, you really need an expert. A good agent can help you through the house-buying process. Sometime, they even may be able to find a house before it hits the market, thus giving you a competitive edge.

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