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At New Jersey Emmanuel Sales Real Estate, we operate on a premise of skill and experience with detailed insights designed to deliver excellent results to you through professional expertise and service efficiency.


New Jersey Emmanuel Sales Real Estate is a licensed full service real estate firm with a valuable reputation of successfully combining skills and experience in its portfolio management. We possess over 16 years experience in various states including New York, Georgia, Texas, and New Jersey as sales agents, listing agents, real estate attorneys, property appraisers, mortgage bankers, buyer inspection, property flipping, etc. We provide simple creative financing solutions for our clients including clever property opportunities procured through extensive market analysis just to ensure that your interests are fully represented.

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We utilize the efficiency of our operations to ensure that your property portfolio remains updated and meticulously organized. Our property management services include Asset Preservation, Preventive Maintenance, Tenant Satisfaction and Retention, External Auditing, Risk Management and Insurance, Accounting and Reporting, etc.


We act on your behalf to intercede on matters regarding property acquisition or sale, using our expertise to ensure that you obtain maximum value for your preferred property while also presenting you with viable alternatives. Our buyer representation services include Property Search, Buyer Inspection, Listing Solutions, Property Appraisal, etc.

Tenant Advisory

We work closely with our clients to create custom sustainable tenant advisory solutions which aim at minimizing conflict and enhancing living conditions. Our tenant advisory services include Lease Negotiation, Site Selection, Lease administration, Transaction Management, Financial Analysis, Portfolio Strategy, etc.

Project Leasing

We help you connect your property with credible leasing partners who would offer you a favorable condition and professional agreement solutions. Our project leasing services include Value Creation, Lease Negotiation, Partner Sourcing, Marketing Management, Property Promotion, etc.

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